Delightfully dark summer at Suicide Dollz!

Summer is fast approaching which means it is time to get ready for a little sun. Whether you prefer spending your nights at home in comfort or spending a day outside during this upcoming season, Suicide Dollz has you covered!  
Suicide Dollz Event Flyer
A new round of Suicide Dollz has just opened!
The round is Sunday May 20th at 1:00pm slt until Friday June 1st at 1:00pm slt.
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Dark Fantasies Come Alive

Your darkest fantasies come alive at Suicide Dollz.
Check out the Suicide Dollz event’s newest round from 1 PM SLT February 5th to 1 PM SLT February 17th.

Our list of designers participating this round! Opening at 1 pm slt today!

As Second Life’s longest running, alternative themed, bi-weekly shopping event, established in 2013, we continuously strive to bring you the best products by some of the grid’s most recognized designers.

I assure you, we’re open!


Suicide Dollz is now open!
For our full, uncensored shopping guide click here.

The latest from Suicide Dollz!

Suicide Dollz Event Flyer

Suicide Dollz is open! Scoot over to check out all the new releases from our wonderful designers!

The full, uncensored shopping guide for this round:

July 3rd starts a new round!

Here’s a look at all the amazing designers you can look forward to at the next new round of Suicide Dollz! Opening July 3rd at 1PM SLT! Dollz Event Flyer

Few days left this round!

Hurry on over to check out all the exclusives before this round is up at 1PM SLT on Friday the 1st!

To check out our full shopping guide please visit:

Exciting news! Seraphim will now be covering each round of Suicide Dollz starting the next round!

Be on the lookout for more SD updates and coverage for the next round beginning July 3rd!

Happy Shopping!



Newest Round!

Suicide Dollz Event Flyer

Here are all the incredible designers you can look forward to participating in upcoming round of Suicide Dollz that opens on Sunday June 19th at 1PM SLT.

Here’s a link to our shopping guide for this round:

To all the fathers who enjoy shopping at our event, we wish you a happy father’s day.