✰ Event organization ✰

Every second Sunday the event will open at 1 pm SL time. The venue will be closed two days before – Friday- for set up of the new round. The participants need to be done before the new round opens.

IMPORTANT: Designers must wear their group tag from the ::Suicide Dollz:: Crew in-world group in order to set up their vendor. If the tag is not worn you will be tp’d back home as the venue will be closed to the public during set up.

The Designer sets the price for his/her products. The management does not set a limit or price range as we believe that the choice of price is solely at the discretion of the creator.
Customers like a good rapport when it comes to the price range of the offers and will appreciate visiting for the benefit of getting a good deal from the many products that are for sale.

✰ Choice of vendor space ✰

In order to keep it fair for everyone we ask you to not rent the same space in a row.
If this does not work the management reserves the right to implement a circulatory system.

✰ Participation ✰

Every designer should at least participate once every quarter which means once every three months.

✰ Logo ✰

Every designer has to send the current version of their logo to Cindyjr85 Skytower in order to be in the renting and vendor system.

✰ Group Joiner ✰

Every designer who participates at the event has to rezz a group joiner at their store. The group joiner will be sent out and/or placed at the venue.
If the designer does not have an inworld store set up, a short note about the participation at the event should be put in their profile.

✰ Exclusive items ✰

The items may only be sold at the event and not at another event at the same time. Older items may be adjusted for the event (new texture, add on, etc.).
After the round the designer was participating with his/her item, it may be resold.

✰ Templates ✰

Templates, be it mesh or layer clothing, are permitted BUT we ask you to show a bit of creativity and do not present “out of the box templates”. Add a little extra, combine different templates, etc. Let your creativity and fantasy influence your style.

✰ No RL brands ✰

RL brands such as Nintendo, Disney, Chuck Taylor, Hello Kitty…etc may not be used in the event.
No insignias/symbols or items associated with any defamation, hate speech, vulgarities, bullying towards any particular fan group, ethnicity/nationality/race and/or lgbt members.

If management notices any abuse or violation of these rules, the designer will be kindly informed to remove their items immediately or risk having them returned.

✰ HAVE FUN!!! ✰